Evaluation demonstrators

Welcome to the OpCit project working results site. The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the latest results of open citation analysis and reference linking being performed using data from papers in the arXiv.org physics archives. This site is for project evaluation only. It is not part of the arXiv service, although we are working with arXiv developers to find a way in which the Opcit citation and reference linking data can be added to the service, or in which arXiv users can be linked to our service.

V. 2.1 Citation and Reference Linking: second evaluation demonstrator (March 2002)

V. 1.0 Reference Linking: first evaluation demonstrator (May 2000)

We are grateful to our colleagues at arXiv.org, and the maintainers of the arXiv mirror at Southampton University, for permission to use their services in this project.
This page is produced and maintained by Zhuoan Jiao and Steve Hitchcock for the Open Citation project
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