Coloured boxes indicate relative success of link resolution
In the linked PDF documents, the link colours reflect the success of the citation recogniser and the subsequent resolution against the bibliographic database. For example, an orange link is one which was successfully derived from pure bibligraphic data; a red link indicates that the explicit paper number (ID) overrode the derivation process.
Red Linked, link is derived from the archive ID.
Orange  Linked, link is derived from bibliographic data.
Green Unlinked, not found in archive.
Blue Unlinked, out of date range of archive.
Brown Unresolved, poor data.
In the current demonstrator the link colours provide feedback to the implementers for testing, but will not be used in the service version. It is intended that a graphical icon will be used in the final version of the system to allow the user to see that a separate service is adding the links.

See coloured links in action:

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