Find Linked Documents (version 1.0 of OpCit demo)

(Please try v.2.0)

From here you can access the reference linked PDF versions of documents from the Los Alamos physics archives. ( Why PDF?)

There are two user-selectable routes to linked documents:

Here are some examples of well-linked papers. Or you can freely explore our linked version of the archives from the interface below. This is a simple user interface to the collection: searches, indexing and other navigation facilities will be added at a later date. At the moment, users may use the arXiv search or cite-baseSearch to search for the unique archive identifier (e.g. hep-th/9912002, which means Archive = hep-th, Year = 99, Month = 12, and Paper Number = 002) of a particular document, and then use the identifier to access the reference linked document. For the purposes of this demonstrator only, the links on documents are highlighted in different colours. Before exploring the archive find out what the colours represent.
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