SFX-style interface

There are two routes to each linked document: 
  • indirect: SFX on
  • direct SFX off
This is a session-based feature, and does not need to be changed for every link followed. This is an implementation of SFX in principle, not a real implementation of SFX. More about SFX.

If SFX is on, then clicking on a red (or orange) reference link box will display the SFX-like interface (shown below). The SFX interface offers users more choices, e.g. finding the appropriate copy of a linked document. For example, clicking on arXiv.org Abstract will display the abstract of the cited paper available at arXiv.org. Try the archive and set your interface style.

The Opcit project is working with a number of partners who are developing archives and services, and this style of interface is being considered as a possible means of linking to services provided by our partners.

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